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These are the types of artemisias which we offer in 3.5/4.5 inch pots:


Sweet Annie (Artemisia annua) - H: 6ft, W: 2ft, Sun: Part to full: Zone: 5-9. Description: Tall plants with fern-like leaves and yellow/green flowers. Uses: Flower stalks can be used in dried arrangements. Leaves of the plants can be used in tea. Also, the whole plant repels insects. Note: Self seeds. 


French Tarragon  (Artemisia dracunculus) - H: 1-3 ft, W: 1-3 ft, Sun: Full, Zone: 4-7, Description: Upright bushy plant with thin/narrow leaves that have a licorice/anise aroma and flavor. Uses: Leaves can be used to season chicken and fish. Also, one of the main 4 herbs in French cooking along with chervil, chives, and parsley. Fresh leaves have the best flavor for cooking. Leaves can be made into tea too. Note: Perennial and deer resistant.


Wormwood (Artemisia absinthium) - $5.00/each + NYS Sales Tax
H: 2-3 ft, W: 1-2 ft, Sun: Part to full, Zone: 4, Description: Tall plant with oval/round leaves that are green/grey with small green/yellow flowers. Uses: Medicinal, and we recommend that you refer to a certified herbalist regarding the uses. Note: Perennial and deer resistant. 

Artemisia (Artemisia spp.)

Excluding Sales Tax
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