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These are the varieties of black raspberries we offer harwood cuttings of in bundles of 5 stems:


Eismen’s Gold – H: 4-5 ft, W: 3-4 ft, Sun: Part to full: Fruit: Amber colored berries that ripen in the fall. Note: This is a yellow version of a wild black raspberry, and the variety was discovered growing by Thomas Eismen near Montour Falls, NY. Zone: 5.


Wyoming – H: 6-8 ft, W: 3-4 ft, Sun: Part to full, Fruit: Dark black berries with a sweet mild flavor. Fruit ripens mid-summer through the fall. The berries are also good for baking, cooking, fresh eating, and preserves. Note: The plants are self-pollinating, non-suckering and tend to be disease resistant. Zone: 3.

Black Raspberry Cuttings - 5 Stems

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