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We have the following varieties of blackberries available in 1 gal pots:


Albino - H: 3-8, W: 3-4 ft, Sun: Full to part, Fruit: Large white color blackberries that ripen July. Note: Self-fertile. Zone: 5-8. 


Chester - H: 4 -5ft, W: 3-4ft, Sun: Full, Fruit: Large fruit that holds up to heat and ripens July/August, Note: Self-pollinating, thornless, resistant to cane blight, Zone: 5-8.


Hull - H: 3- 4ft, W: 3-4ft, Sun: Full, Fruit: Sweet medium size berries that ripen in July/August, Note: Thornless, high yielding, and very winter hardy, Zone: 5-9. 


Long Black - H: 5-7ft, W: 5-7ft, Sun: Full, Fruit: Long black tart berries. Note: The parentage of Long Black is 50% wild black berry and collected at Miller Peninsula, Clallam County, Washington State. This variety needs a lot of trellising.  Zone: 5.


Shipping and delivery of potted plants unavailable. Pickup of potted plants available on the farm or at farmers' market after May 15th.


Photo Source: Shona Ort, Ort Family Farm


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