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These are the varieties of grapes which we offer as hardwood cuttings in bundles of 5:


Delaware - Vine Length: 20-25ft, Sun: Full, Fruit: Small red berries that are mild and fruity in flavor which ripen in early September and are used for champagne and wine. Note: Heirloom variety developed in the 1800s, Zone: 4.


Himrod Seedless - Vine Length: 8-10 ft, Sun: Full, Fruit: Green/yellow fruit that is crunchy and sweet. Good for fresh eating and raisins, Note: Good variety for cold short summer areas. Developed at the NY State Agricultural Research station in Geneva, NY and released in 1952. Zone: 4-10.


Reliance Seedless - Vine Length: 8-10 ft, Sun: Full, Fruit: Sweet red seedless berries that ripen in August and are good for desserts, eating fresh, jam, jelly, and juice. Note: The hardiest seedless grape variety, late bloomer, resistant to anthracnose and mildew, and self-pollinating, Zone: 4-8.


Royal Seedless (aka Great Northern Seedless) – Vine Length: N/A, Sun: Full, Fruit: Blue seedless grapes smaller than Concord, but much more aromatic and sweeter. Note: Variety was developed in Minnesota and nodes are hardier than those of Concord grapes. Also, plants are heavy bearers. Zone: 4.


Steuben Seedless – Vine Length: N/A, Sun: Full, Fruit: Medium to large size blue/black seedless grapes that are good for wine. Grapes are good for storage.  Note: This variety was developed by Cornell University through crossing the Wayne and Sheridan varieties and released in 1946. Zone: 4-12.


Swenson Red - Vine Length: 10-12ft, Sun: Full, Fruit: Red fruity flavored grapes that have a hint of strawberry. Fruit about 30 days earlier than Concord in about mid-August. Good as a table grape or for wine. Note: Good short season grape developed by Elmer Swenson in Minnesota, Zone: 4-8.


Swenson White - Vine Length: 20ft, Sun: Full, Fruit: Green with a firm texture and fruity flavor that ripens about 3 weeks before Concord. Good for fresh eating, floral vines, and ice wines, Note: Developed Elmer Swenson in Minnesota by crossing Edelweiss with one of his selection, Zone: 3/4.

Grape Cuttings - 5 Stems

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