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We offer the following varieties of hardy kiwi (Actinida arguta) in 1 gal pots:


Anna (Female) - H: 8-12ft, W: 8-12ft, Sun: Full, Fruits: Sweet large size green color fruit that ripe in July through September, Note: Needs a male A. arguta pollinator, Zone: 4-9.


Chung Bai (Female) - H: 10-12ft, W: N/A, Sun: Full, Fruits: Apple shaped very sweet green berries that ripen September/October, Note: Needs a male pollinator such as Meader, Zone: 4-9.


Geneva (Female) - H: 20ft, W: 10-12ft, Sun: Part to full, Fruits: Medium size green fruits that are delicious and smooth skinned that ripen in September, Note: Developed in Geneva, NY and needs Meader as a pollinator, Zone 4-9.


Hardy Red (Female) - H: 10-12 ft, W: 10-12ft, Sun: Part to full, Fruit: Red fruits with red, sweet.tart flesh that ripen in September. Note: Plants need a male Actinida arguta kiwi plant as a pollinator. Zone: 4-9.


Ken's Red (Female) - H: 10-12ft, W: 10-12ft, Sun: Part to full, Fruits: Fruits are sweet and have reddish brown skin and flesh. Ripen September to October, Note: Bears large crops and named after its breeder Ken Nobbs. Needs a male pollinator. Zone: 4-9.


Meader (Male) - H: 15-20ft, W: 15-20ft, Sun: Part, Fruits: None because of being male, Note: Used to pollinate up to 8 female kiwis (Actinida Arguta) such as Anna, Geneva, Issai, and others, Zone: 5-8.


MSU (Female) - H: 20-30ft, W: 10-12ft, Sun: Full, Fruits: Large lime green fruit that are delicious with a sweet and a bit acidic taste, Note: Needs a male A. arguta pollinator, Zone: 3-8.


Prolific or 119-40B (Female) - H: 10-15ft, W: 10-15ft, Sun: Part to full, Fruit: Solid green fruit that ripens in September through October. Sweet and high in vitamin C. Note: Previously known as 119-40B. Self-fertile but produces much larger yields if planted with a male A. arguta kiwi. Zone: 4 -8.


Shipping only available in NY State between May 31st and October 31st. Pickup of potted plants available on the farm or at farmers' market after May 31st and before October 31st. 


Photo Source: Roger Ort, Ort Family Farm

Hardy Kiwi (Actinida arguta)

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