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We offer the following varieties of medlars (Mespilus germanica) in 1 to 2 gal pots:


Dzevera Garden - H: 8-12 ft (Provence Quince Rootstock), W: 13ft, Sun: Part, Fruit: Dark brown fruit with sweet tart flesh that is like the texture of applesauce. The fruit ripens late October to early November and is good for preserves. Note: This variety is the country of Georgia and is self fertile. Zone: 4.


Marion™ - H: 8-10 ft (Provence Quince Rootstock), W: 13ft, Sun: Part, Fruit: Chestnut colored fruit that are tasty and ripen mid to late October. Note: Plants are self fertile. Zone: 4. 


OSU 9-20 - H: 6-8 ft (Provence Quince Rootstock), W: N/A, Sun: Part, Fruit: Dark chocolate colored fruit with flesh that has an applesauce texture and has sweet/tart flavor. The fruit is good for fresh eating and ripens mid-late October. Note: Plants are self-fertile. Zone: 4. 


Westerveld - H: 8-13ft (Provence Quince Rootstock), W: 13ft, Sun: Part, Fruit: Dark brown/copper colored fruit that ripens mid to late October. The fruit of this variety are some of the highest quality regarding medlars and good for jam production. Note: This is a Dutch variety and self fertile. Also, trees have a slight weeping habit. Zone: 4. 


Shipping only available in NY State between May 31st and October 31st. Pickup of potted plants available on the farm or at farmers' market after May 31st and before October 31st. 

Medlars (Mespilus germanica)

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