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These are the types of perennial onions which we offer in 3.5/4.5 inch pots:


Egyptian Walking (Allium x proliferum) - H: 24-36 inches, W: N/A, Sun: Full to part, Zone: 3-9, Description: Green/blue tubular stalks that produce bulbs on the bottom and top. Uses: Can be used like green onions and shallots. Note: Top bulbs eventually become too heavy for the stalks and fall to the ground and will root in to form an extension of the plant. Hence, the term “walking onions.” 


I'itoi (Allium cepa) - H: 6-18 inches, W: N/A, Sun: Full, Zone: N/A, Description: Leaves are slightly spicy. Bulbs are mild and shallot-like. Uses: Can be used like green onions or chives or shallots. Can be harvested throughout the year. Note: A rare multiplier, perennial, green onion used by Native American peoples of the Southwest. Believed to be introduced by Jesuit missionaries to the US during the 17th century. Size: 4.5 inch pot.

Welsh Onions (Allium fistulosum) - H: 1-3 ft, W: 8 to 12 inchs, Sun: Full, Zone: 5-9, Description: Green/blue tubular stalks with white bulbs. Uses: Can be used like green onions in recipes. Note: This plant is perennial and from Asia.


Plants are available for pickup and shipping between May 31st and October 31st.

Perennial Onions (Allium spp.)

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