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These are the following types of pineberries we offer in 2.5/3-inch pots:


Flamingo - H: 6 to 12 inches, W: 1 to 3ft, Sun: Full, Fruit: Pinkish white color berries that ripen in June. Flavor of fruit is similar to that of wild strawberries. Fruits are good for desserts and freezing. Note: Variety is self-pollinating but increase in yields are seen when planted with another with another strawberry variety. Zone: 4-8. 


Natural Albino - H: 1-1.5ft, W: 1-1.5ft, Sun Full, Fruit: White berries with red seeds and a hint of pineapple flavor. Note: Needs a red strawberry variety as a pollinator, Zone: 3-8.


Wonderful - H: 8-12 inches, W: 10-18 inches, Sun: Full, Fruit: Soft white fruit that can be pale pink or orange with red seeds, Note: Everbearing from spring to frost, use an everbearing strawberry like Seascape or Albion as a pollinator to increase yields, Zone: 3-9. 


Shipping and delivery unavailable for potted plants. Pickup for potted plants on the farm and at farmers' market available after May 15th.


Photo Source: Roger Ort, Ort Family Farm


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