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These are the following 2 varieties of pomegranates we carry in 1 gal pots:


Kazaki - H: 7-10ft, W: 7-10ft, Sun: Full, Fruit: Large yellow/green fruit have crimson juice and an excellent sweet/tart flavor that ripen August-October, Note: A very cold hardy Uzbek variety (zone 6-10) that has high yields. Needs brought indoors during the winters in NY and self-pollinating.


Salavtski - H: 10ft, W: 10ft, Sun: Part to full, Fruit: Very large, pale red fruit that has sweet/tart juice, Note: Very cold hardy (zone 6-10), but still needs brought indoors during the winters in NY. Very productive variety and self-pollinating.


Shipping and delivery of potted plants unavailable. Pickup of potted plants available on farm or at farmers' market after May 15th.


Photo Source: Roger Ort and Shona Ort, Ort Family Farm


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