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These are the following varieties of purple raspberries we carry in 1 gal:


Brandywine - H: 3-4ft, W: 2-3ft, Sun: Full, Fruit: Extra-large, firm, purple color berries that berries that are good for jam, pies and wine, and produce a crop in both July and September, Note: Hybrid between a black and red raspberry, and developed by Cornell University, Zone: 4-8. 


Royalty - H: 4-5ft, W: 3-4ft, Sun: Full, Fruit: Large purple berries that are sweet and fruit holds color when frozen. Ripen in August. Note: Self-pollinating, resistant to insects, and developed by Cornell University, Zone: 4-8. 


Shipping and delivery of potted plants unavailable. Pickup of potted plants available on farm or at farmers' market after May 15th.


Picture Source: Shona Ort, Ort Family Farm

Purple Raspberries

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