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Below are the varieties of red raspberries (Rubus idaeus) we carry in 1 gal pots:


Caroline - H: 4-8ft, W: 3ft, Sun: Full, Fruit: Medium/large red berries with a full, intense, rich raspberry flavor and produces 2 crops/year. One crop in late June and the other in August until frost. Note: This variety does not tolerate high heat or droughts, Zone: 5-8.


Crimson Night - H: 5-8ft, W: 4-5ft, Sun Full, Fruit: Conical deep red fruit that ripens in late June, and then again in September, Note: Self-pollinating, resistant to phytophthora root rot and leaf issues, and released by Cornell University, Zone: 4-8.


Encore - H: 4-5ft, W: 3-4ft, Sun: Full, Fruit: Red velvety and flavorful berries that ripen late July/early August. Note: Variety was developed by Cornell University in Geneva, NY, self-pollinating, resistant to root rot, cold hardy, and heat tolerant., Zone:4b -8b. 


Heritage - H: 4-5ft, W: 3-4ft, Sun: Full, Fruit: Large sweet red berries that are good for canning, freezing, fresh eating, and preserves. Produces 2 crops/year, one in July and another in September through frost. Note: Developed by Cornell University, self-pollinating, cold hardy, tolerant of poor soil, and canes don't need staked or trellised, Zone: 4-8.


Photo Source: Roger Ort, Ort Family Farm

Red Raspberries (Rubus idaeus)

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