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Apples - Alfa 68, BOCO Ambrosia, Beauty of Bath, Ben Davis, CrimsonCrisp, Ein Shemer, Fuji, Hackworth, Hudson Golden Gem, Ingol, Jonagold, Jonathan, King Henry, Kit Trio, Mutzu, Newtown Pippin, Northern Spy, Reinette du Canada, and WInesap.


Cherries - Sumdinka (Sour)


Crabapples - Bastian Orange Flesh, Chestnut, Golden Hornet, Pink Princess, Robert's, South Dakota Bona, and Transcedent.


Mulberries - Sold Out for 2024


Nectarine - Harko


Peaches - Contender, Crest Haven, Iowa Indigenous White, NJ-252, And Veteran.


Pears - Bartlett, Bosc, Golden Boy, and Seckel.


Plums - Chernuskha (Cherry Plum), Damson (European), Dunbars (American), Goose (American), Green Gage (European), Howard's Miracle (Japanese), Methley (Japanese), and Shiro (Japanese). 


Plum Hybrids - Haleardi, Lantz, Sharpe, Sweet Treat, Tlor ciran, and Toka.


Please type in below: 1) Plant Name, 2) Variety Name, and 3) Number of each scion you would like. Descriptions for each variety can be found on the Scion page. 

Scion - 5 Stems

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