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These are the types of sorrel which we offer in 3.5/4.5 inch pots:


Broad Leaved or Garden ( Rumex acetosa) - H: 1 -2 ft, W: N/A, Zone: 3, Description: Broad sword shaped green leaves that have lemon flavor. Uses: Young leaves can be used in salads and soups. Note: Perennial and originally from Europe. 


Sheep (Rumex acetosella) - H: 4-16 inches, W: N/A, Zone: 4-8, Description: Erect plants with small green broad arrowhead  like leaves with lobes. Uses: The leaves can be eaten fresh in salads. Leaves have a lemon flavor that is tangy and sour. Also, plants can be used medicinally, please consult a certified herbalist regarding its use. Note: This plant is native to Europe and Asia. Also, these plants grow well in containers.


Plants are available for pickup and shipping between May 31st and October 31st.

Sorrel (Rumex spp.)

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