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These are the following wild & alpine strawberry varieties we carry in 2.5/3.5 inch pots:


Appelever - H: 1ft, W, N/A, Sun: Part to full, Fruit: Small deep red berries that are sweet that ripens throughout the summer. Note: Selected in the 1960s in France from Alpine Strawberries, Zone: 3a -9b. 


Eastern White Pine - H: 1-1.5ft, W:N/A, Sun: Full, Fruit: Red berries, Note: Very old cultivar that supposedly dates back to the 1700s, Zone: 4-9. 


Fraises des Bois - H: 6-8 inches, W: N/A, Sun: Part to full, Fruit: Tiny, deep red, conical fruit, that very aromatic and sweet. Ripens in March -October. Note: Self-pollinating and good for containers, Zone: 4-8. Sold Out


German Musk - H: 6-8 inches, W: N/A, Sun: Part to full, Fruit: Small, deep red, berries with intense aroma and superb taste with hints of raspberry and pineapple. Ripens May- July. Note: Wild strawberry from Europe that began being cultivated around the 19th century, Zone: 6. 


Little Scarlet - H: 1-1.5ft, W: 1-1.5ft, Sun: Part to full, Fruit: Tiny red berries similar to those of alpine or musk strawberries and ripen June/July. Note: Originally from North America but brought to Great Britain in the 1900s where it was used for jam production, Zone: 3a -9b. 


Toklat - H: N/A, W: N/A, Sun: Full, Fruit: Medium size red berries with a rich flavor that ripen in June. Note: Developed for the interior of Alaska and self-pollinating, Zone: 1b. 


Shipping and delivery of potted plants unavailable. Pickup of potted plants available on farm or at farmers' market after May 15th.


Photo Source: Roger Ort, Ort Family Farm

Wild & Alpine Strawberries

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