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These are the type sof tarragon which we offer in 3.5/4.5 inch pots:


French (Artemisia dracunculus) - H: 1-3 ft, W: 1-3 ft, Sun: Full, Zone: 4-7, Description: Upright bushy plant with thin/narrow leaves that have a licorice/anise aroma and flavor. Uses: Leaves can be used to season chicken and fish. Also, one of the main 4 herbs in French cooking along with chervil, chives, and parsley. Fresh leaves have the best flavor for cooking. Leaves can be made into tea too. Note: Perennial and deer resistant.


Mexican (Tagates lucida) - H: up to 3 ft, W: 6-12 inches. Zone: 8-11, Description: Erect plants with green lanceolate leaves that have an anise/licorice flavor and small yellow flowers: Uses. Originally it was used by the Aztecs to flavor chocolate. In more modern times it has been used to flavor egg and meat dishes. Also, can be used medicinally and we recommend you consult a certified herbalist regarding the use.


Plants are available for pickup and shipping between May 31st and October 31st.

Tarragon (Artemisia dracunculus & Tagates lucida)

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