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Fruit Tree Grafting Demonstration


Here at Ort Family Farm we believe in providing educational opportunities to our community. Please check this page for these educational opportunities as they arise throughout the year.

Fruit Tree Grafting Deomstration

Private Grafting Classes 2023

Grafting is a technique that has been used for centuries to join two trees (roots and shoots) into one with various desired traits.

Participants in this workshop will receive:

1) A presentation on the history of grafting over the years.

2) A private tasting of herbal tea and jam from our farm kitchen.

3) A hands-on learning opportunity of different grafting techniques used in fruit production.

4) Plus, you will be able to take home one grafted fruit tree of either Apple or Pear.

Cost is $35/person prepaid. Please no groups larger than 5. Dates are Monday or Wednesday evenings from 6:30- 8 PM in March 2022. Reserve your class today!!! All classes will take place on the farm at 276 Yorski Road, Bradford, NY 14815.

For any other questions, to schedule a class and to pay please reach out to us at or call 607-583-2467.

Starting Hardwood Fruiting Plant Cuttings

Monday January 30th, 2023


Google Meet Discussion & Videos


Would you like to learn more about how to do hardwood fruiting plant cuttings? If so, please join us for this short, one-hour, virtual discussion on hardwood propagation on Google Meet. Also, for all who sign up with an email below, we will be sending out the links to the short Youtube videos we have recorded on the topic.

Space is limited.  

For any further questions regarding the class and to sign up, please reach out to us at 607-583-2467 or 

Hardwood Fruiting Plant Cuttings
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