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We offer an assortment of products for your favorite Kitty!

Catnip Mice & Catnip Snakes

  • We make these using upcycled fabrics in an array of colors and fabrics.

  • They are stuffed with our wild crafted catnip from the farm and new pillow stuffing. 

  • The ears, eyes and tails are made with 100% Acrylic yarn.

  • The mice are 3" to 4" long (not including the length of the tail) and 1" wide.

  • The snakes are 8" to 9" long (not including the tongue) and 1" wide.

Catnip Leaves 

  • We harvest and immediately dry our wild crafted catnip to retain the fullest, strongest flavor for you kitty!  - .30 oz. per package.

  • Leaves are packaged in resealable bags to seal in freshness.


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