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Pruning of Small Orchards and Fruit Patches

We will be offering pruning of small orchards and fruit patches (under 100 trees and bushes) from January through March 2022. No chainsaw jobs, pleases. These jobs will be tag teamed by Roger and Shona with their own tools. For hourly and mileage rates, please contact us at 607-583-2467 or

Photo Source: Árpád Czapp,Unsplash

Is there a heirloom, rare, of unusual fruit tree variety that you have been looking for to add to your yard or orchard? Do you have a favorite tree on your property or farm that is in decline but you would love to propagate? If so, we may be able to help. We will be offering custom grafting of fruit trees this spring. All requests must be received before March in order for Roger to source scion wood and appropriate rootstocks for the grafts. Contact Roger at 607-583-2467 or

Photo Soure: Roger Ort, Ort Family Farm


Roger paid a visit to my young organic apple orchard to help me identify certain issues with insects, disease, and weather conditions. His knowledge and advice has put my mind to rest as I now can work with assurance that my trees are getting good care. Roger knows a lot about fruit trees and has helped me with suggestions for effective treatments and protocols while avoiding harsh chemicals. Very happy I consulted with him. Nothing beats talking face to face in the orchard with a pro!

Planning for a garden or orchard can be exciting but overwhelming. Part of you wants to buy whatever you can and plant this wherever there is space. The other part of you recognizes that while shopping for plants is fun, inevitably there comes planting, pruning, and harvesting later on, which sadly, may decrease your future shopping! On top of that there are many other things to consider such as irrigation, pest and disease management, spacing, varieties, soil quality, upkeep, etc. Roger made all of this a breeze while providing additional little tidbits that we didn’t even think of. He supplied resources for his answers as well so we can reference back to these in the future. He has an amazing gift and I would recommend him anytime.


Are you thinking about putting in an orchard or berry patch? Do you already have one but need some advice of different aspects in regards to it? If so, Roger will be able year round for consulting on orchards, small fruits, permaculture gardens, and more.

Roger has over 40 years of experience working in agriculture, horticulture, and landscaping fields. His areas of expertise include food forest, landscaping and permaculture design. Plus commercial horticulture, establishment of community gardens, grafting, integrated pest management, local food system work, orchard production, and more.

If would like appointment for Roger to visit and consult with you on any of these subjects, please reach out to us for our consulting fees and to schedule an appointment. Our contact information is 607-583-2467 or 

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